Road Signs in Newfoundland and Labrador
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RTC/Route 410
Route 1 east (Trans Canada Hwy) at Route 410.

Route 430
Route 430 south, Viking Trail, Sally's Cove

Route 430
Route 430 south, St. Pauls

Route 430
End Route 431 at Route 430, Wiltondale.
At the right (south) to Deer Lake and Route 1,
at the left (north) to St Anthony and L'Anse aux Meadows.

Route 431
Route 431, Winter House Brook

Route 431
Route 431, Woddy Point
At the right to Trout River, strait ahead to Wiltondale and Route 430.

Curzon Village
Curzon Village
(Located near Woddy Point, just off Route 431)

Route 431
Route 431, Trout River, to Woody Point

Route 431
Route 431, Trout River (almost the end of Route 431)

Route 430-15
Route 430-15, Norris Point

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