Road Signs in Québec
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Pictures of old signs or non-standardized signs
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Rang Saint-Mathieu Rd., Shawinigan (Shawinigan-Sud).

Along cross country skiing trail, under Route 351 bridge, Shawinigan.
"DANGER / snow fall"

Cardinal-Maurice-Roy Street, Québec City.

In the village of Kingsey Falls, old signs where you can see
distances in miles who was covered during conversion to metric system.
47 km = 29 miles / 10 km = 6 miles / 13 km = 8 miles

Principale Street, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc.
Why keep it simple when you can complicate it !

Autoroute 55 nord, Rest area of Stanstead.
"No Camping / Stop Tolerated"
Please, do not stay too long !!
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